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Digital Divide Program

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TeamChildren Digital Divide Program

TeamChildren has computers waiting for families. CLICK HERE to learn how to get one.

TeamChildren’s Digital Inclusion project has now collected, repaired, and distributed over 11,000 low cost refurbished computers to families, schools and organizations.

We esitmate our efforts have helped over 50,000 children cross the "Digital Divide."

Teamchildren is the single most successful non-profit organization with a regional outreach to help Transform the Digital Divide.

Our original goal was to help distribute 2000 computers by the year 2000.

That accomplished we pushed on to greater heights. To continue expanding our effort to reach every child we are also expanding our fundraising effort.

Please contribute, finacially. Our goal this year is to raise One Million dollars to greatly expand our efforts.


Team Children Divide Digital Program

Computers and technological literacy are an essential tool of education, health care, business and communication in our rapidly changing world. "Computer literacy" is the norm in school, business, and society as a whole.
Those without regular access to a computer are in danger of being cut off from opportunity and advancement. If this trend continues our region will be in danger.
It doesn't have to happen. Computer technology is changing rapidly. Every day a glut of older, slower computers are discarded. Not because they don't work, because they're not fancy enough, or equipped with all the required bells and whistles. And that's where TeamChildren comes in.
Our new goal is to:
Insure that every child has access to the use of a computer in the comfort and safety of their home. 
That every school has adequate computers in the classroom. 
That no social service organization is with out the technological tools to accomplish their mission.
Whether it’s a day care center or an organization with your help we will make the difference.. Help us expand our efforts so that our region will be the first in the nation to insure that every family has a computer at home. TeamChildren has computers waiting for families. CLICK HERE to learn how to get one.